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Most Common Issue – The Skin Rashes Dilemma

Skin rashes are surprisingly very common. Even people without overly sensitive skin can break out in a skin rash.

There are also many different types and strains that depend on the cause, your skin type and your lifestyle. Some rashes flare up due to an allergic reaction, some from the heat and some from a fungal or viral infection.

Any obvious changes in your skin’s normal texture and/or colour are the most common indicators of a skin rash.

Read on to discover what may be causing your skin to flare up and what products to avoid and those to choose to maintain healthy, rash-free skin

What Are the Causes of a Sensitive Reaction?

The nerve endings under the surface of our skin detect everything that our skin comes in contact with including, the temperature, our clothes, other people and substances.

People with sensitive skin can have more nerve endings than people with normal & combination skin. These extra nerve endings serve as an extra soft form of protection from any products or substances that your skin is allergic to. In addition, people with dry skin can often develop sensitivities to ingredients as they are better able to penetrate the skin.

When an irritating chemical breaks through the surface of the skin, your skin lets you know something is wrong. Your nerve endings cause you to feel an uncomfortable sensation like tingling, stinging or itching.

If your nerve endings don’t detect an irritant invasion however, you can be sure that another type of cell will. These other cells have their own way of showing you that something is wrong, usually by changing the colour or texture of your skin to become red and/or bumpy.

Some of the most common causes of skin rashes include:

  • Allergic reaction
    When an allergic rash breaks out on your skin it is your skin letting you know that the chemicals it has come into contact with are too harsh.
  • Heat
    Heat rashes are very common, especially in summer, and are mostly harmless. They flare up when your pores are blocked and can’t secrete sweat properly, usually caused by wearing excessively tight clothing on a hot day.
  • Eczema or psoriasis
    Eczema and psoriasis are two more serious skin conditions that cause you to break out in a rash that reoccurs. The dry, patchy rashes can break out anywhere but most commonly around the hands, elbows, back of the knee, face and ankles. Visiting a doctor to understand what causes the flare ups is the first step to understanding the condition.
  • Bacterial or viral diseases
    A skin rash may also be a sign of an underlying bacterial or viral disease or infection in your body. Diseases or infections like scarlet fever, impetigo, shingles, chicken pox and measles can cause mild to severe rashes on your skin. The doctor is the best person to get advice from in this case.

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